Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Be Useful

23 Sep 10 (12)We’ve been at JAARS for the past six weeks and we’re finding out what a blessing it is to be useful.

As we mentioned before, Jon has been helping to get the new Kodiak airplane ready for its assignment in Papua New Guinea (PNG).  Installing a fire detection system and HF radio were planned projects, as was building a tow bar and making cargo nets.  Replacing a fuel tank was not!  During an inspection one of the mechanics discovered that one of the brand new fuel cells was leaking.  A very good thing to discover while the airplane is safely on the ground—not flying over the Atlantic on its way to PNG!

We also thank God for the opportunity to be useful to other families we’ve met here at JAARS who are planning to minister in PNG.  Some families are in the training stages and some are just starting the application process, but all have lots of questions about what life 23 Sep 10 (9)is like on the other side of the world.  Our five years of experience in PNG have come in handy!

There’s still a bit of work to be done on the Kodiak, but we’re hoping the plane will be in PNG by the end of October.  When the Kodiak is ready to begin that long journey, our family will return to our home in Virginia.  But Lord willing, we’ll see it on “the other side” one day soon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A NASCAR Kind of Morning

  Trip to Hendrick Motorsports Museum = $018 Sep 10 (1)


Souvenir Mark Martin #5 car = $8#5


Visit to the Charlotte Motor Speedway = $0


Morning spent living one little boy’s favorite fantasy = Priceless

Friday, September 17, 2010

10 Reasons We Love Homeschool

26 Aug 10 Maybe you’ve noticed our “We love Sonlight” gadget to the right.  Sonlight Curriculum Ltd. is the name of the company where we get a majority of our home-schooling materials.  And although it is true that we love Sonlight and we love homeschooling, some days I need to be reminded.  Today is one of those days.  So here goes….

  1. We’re free to teach our children about God and his creation from his precious Word.
  2. Homeschool travels well, and we can adjust our schedule to meet our family’s needs.
  3. We get to do “field trips” during non-peak times.
  4. No bullies!
  5. We can tailor our teaching methods and materials to meet our children’s learning needs without the fear of them developing a complex because they are “ahead” or “behind” the rest of their class.
  6. We get more time to observe and encourage our kids as they explore interests, and develop skills.
  7. Our children’s social development involves interaction outside just their peer group.  (Who’s idea was it anyway that the best way to develop socially was to stick a bunch of equally socially immature kids in a room together for 6+ hours a day?)
  8. No hour-long bus rides or school pick-up queues.
  9. Our children learn together, and we learn right alongside them.
  10. Our school goes way beyond textbooks and tests.  We’re transferring our beliefs and values onto our children while instilling a life-long hunger for learning.

9 Aug 10 (1)

    15 Jul 10

  1. 1 Jul 10 (14)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let’s Ride!

During the past couple of days, Claire took a big step in her quest for independence.  She can now officially ride a bicycle without any assistance.  She’s mighty proud, and I’ve been hard-pressed to keep her inside.  It’s amazing how quickly she can finish school when there is a bike outside just calling her name!