Friday, September 17, 2010

10 Reasons We Love Homeschool

26 Aug 10 Maybe you’ve noticed our “We love Sonlight” gadget to the right.  Sonlight Curriculum Ltd. is the name of the company where we get a majority of our home-schooling materials.  And although it is true that we love Sonlight and we love homeschooling, some days I need to be reminded.  Today is one of those days.  So here goes….

  1. We’re free to teach our children about God and his creation from his precious Word.
  2. Homeschool travels well, and we can adjust our schedule to meet our family’s needs.
  3. We get to do “field trips” during non-peak times.
  4. No bullies!
  5. We can tailor our teaching methods and materials to meet our children’s learning needs without the fear of them developing a complex because they are “ahead” or “behind” the rest of their class.
  6. We get more time to observe and encourage our kids as they explore interests, and develop skills.
  7. Our children’s social development involves interaction outside just their peer group.  (Who’s idea was it anyway that the best way to develop socially was to stick a bunch of equally socially immature kids in a room together for 6+ hours a day?)
  8. No hour-long bus rides or school pick-up queues.
  9. Our children learn together, and we learn right alongside them.
  10. Our school goes way beyond textbooks and tests.  We’re transferring our beliefs and values onto our children while instilling a life-long hunger for learning.

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