Friday, February 18, 2011

A Step in the Right Direction

We got some good news yesterday….  We have a buyer for our house!  Hallelujah!  Even our realtor acknowledges God’s hand in this contract, and told us that a recent wind storm convinced the buyers that they needed a home on a permanent foundation!  The closing is scheduled for March 31.  We are very excited, and so grateful to our partners for their “persistent widow” prayers! 

Upon hearing the news from our realtor, I went from being ecstatic to overwhelmed in a 002matter of minutes.  There’s a lot to do in the coming weeks and at the moment I’m not sure where to begin.  We knew (or hoped) this transition was coming but it’s difficult to prepare for it.  Keep praying through the closing, because we know that things can still fall through.  And please pray for us as we begin packing, and making plans to move…somewhere.  We have options—we’re just not sure where we’ll be going next.  It’s always an adventure, isn’t it?

So the waiting is done for the time being.  Good thing I’ve finished that sweater!  <wink>


Sunny Barnum said...

So happy for you all :) beautiful sweater love it! Good job Mommy

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