Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last Day of School

Today Claire and Isaiah finished Grade 1 and Preschool respectively.  Our study theme for the year was “Exploring God’s World”.  We’re very proud of them for sticking to their studies despite all the traveling we’ve done this past year.081  Isaiah’s accomplishments include learning to recognize the numbers 1-10 and practicing the sounds of the alphabet.  Claire continues to improve in her reading and writing skills.  She can now read several Dr. Seuss books all on her own, and authored several short stories.  They both successfully memorized 36 Bible verses, and probably know more about US geography than most kids their age. <smile>  But if you ask them what their favorite class is, more than likely they’ll answer--“PE”!  (Physical Education)  Of course, that’s the one Daddy teaches….


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