Monday, October 10, 2011

Airplanes and Paper Chains

We’ve got tickets!  Departure day is Nov. 5—only 27 days away!  We should arrive in Ukarumpa, PNG on Nov. 11, but in the meantime we’re busy packing up our crate of belongings to ship by sea freight.  Please keep us in your prayers. Stress levels are high right now as we try to think of EVERYTHING that needs to be done/bought/packed/shipped before we go!

The kids are very excited.  As soon as we announced that we had plane tickets, they both decided to begin sorting through their toys.  Ever since our decision to return to PNG in February 2010, we’ve told them that whatever fits 009in their plastic bin can go to PNG.  The rest needs to find another home here in the US.  It’s such a relief to see them handle that reality with a positive attitude.

And because Isaiah keeps asking if we’re leaving “the next day” or “the next day after the next day”, we encouraged them to make a paper chain to count down the days until we leave. (See photo on right.)  Now our mornings involve the excitement of ripping off another link.  To the kids, I’m sure, that chain represents an almost eternity until departure day.  But to this mom, the clock is ticking!


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