Monday, April 23, 2012

Compulsory Creativity

013Well, this party-challenged mom finally got her act together and planned another combined birthday celebration for the kids.  We didn’t really have a theme this year, but I don’t think anyone missed it.  The obligatory cupcakes, games and prizes did manage to show up, but since Walmart isn’t just around the corner, the latter were somewhat of a challenge to produce.

In the end, our limited resources bred creativity.  Which is actually pretty normal for me…once I get past the panic phase.  Yes, having a “crafter’s superstore” next door would come in handy at times, but am I the only one that gets overwhelmed when they walk through the front doors of Michaels?  Me…I always do better with “You got A, B, and C.  Make it work!

029So anyway…Claire, Isaiah and I actually made some pretty cool party favors—scented play dough, sticky notepad books, and superhero masks.  All party participants (including my own) went home satisfied, and I <sigh of relief> do not have to think about birthday parties for another 12 months.

Note to self:  “Inside games before sugar; outside games after sugar” was a really good idea.


cjb said...

Missy, you sound like your mother! Only more creative....
So glad to hear your crate came in time for the party!
Love and miss you all, Mom

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