Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waiting and Waiting No Longer

I know I’ve been raving a lot about Sonlight and our kids’ homeschool curriculum.  I guess it’s natural when so much of my day is spent teaching Claire and Isaiah, and Sonlight makes it so enjoyable.  I especially love it when what we’re studying is already so very close to our hearts!

We started using the book “From Akebu to Zapotec” in our home school.  Each week we pray for a Bibleless people group from around the world.  A couple of the people groups are from right here in Papua New Guinea.  I used our organization’s language resource website to find some information about those languages, and sadly I found little.  It’s rather amazing that there IS a map of their locations considering how remote they are.  Nonetheless, they are still waiting for God’s Word in the language of their hearts.

Which reminds me that there is another people group in PNG that waits no longer.


Two weekends ago, the Bariai people of West New Britain celebrated the dedication of the New Testament, Genesis and Exodus.  Enthusiastic processions of people from the community carried the Bibles up to the church on Saturday afternoon.




The Sunday morning service was packed.  Men and women adorned in elaborate costumes of feathers and flowers participated in the celebration of the vernacular scriptures.



It is our prayer that the Bariai people will read God’s Word.  That they will “hear” God speaking their heart language and desire to follow after Him.  That their lives will be changed into a greater likeness of our Father.  That is why we’re here!

P7080216  Photos by D. Barton


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