Thursday, August 23, 2012

Red vs. Yellow

A highlight of every Ukarumpa International School (UIS) year is “Sports Day”.  It’s kind of like a mini Olympics and home school kids are welcome to participate.  The students practice the events during their physical education (PE) classes.  Claire and Isaiah have been taking PE at UIS so they’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks.  Jon even took a vacation day so we could cheer Claire and Isaiah on in their first competition…ever!

All the students are divided into two teams—red and yellow.  As you can tell from the photos, our family is on the red team. (All children in a particular family are assigned the same team.) Then each team is divided into age groups.

The very first event was the long oval run—the equivalent of running from home base through the outfield and back around twice). Isaiah was in the very first heat and he won 1st place in his age group.  Claire's group won 1st place in a relay race around the baseball diamond, and they got three 2nd place ribbons for other team or individual events.

At the end of the day, the red and yellow teams had a giant tug of war. Yellow won both tries and got the most teams points for the day, but both Claire and Isaiah had a great time and can't wait for next year's Sport's Day.  We are pretty proud of how they maintained good sportsmen-like attitudes through all the wins and losses.



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