Saturday, September 8, 2012

Juggling for Bible Translation

(Post by Jon)

DSC_0800Juggling is a skill that comes in handy when you’re shop foreman of an aviation maintenance program. Of course, you’re not tossing tennis balls into the air. You’re juggling aircraft maintenance projects. Lately there seems to be more work to be done then time and people to do it.

Keeping the normal aircraft inspection program running efficiently is an every day job, but during the past few months, we also faced some new challenges. In response to the Kodiak manufacturer’s request, the maintenance crew completely removed, inspected and re-006installed the landing gear system on one of the airplanes. We also installed a new external cargo compartment on the belly of the Kodiak. (see photo on right)  This pod allows more baggage to be stored underneath the aircraft, leaving more room for the passengers inside the cabin.

Because the Kodiak is a new design, every major maintenance project is a learning experience for all of us. I enjoy the challenge—especially since the aircraft are proving to be well-suited for the environment of Papua New Guinea and are serving Bible translation well.

Aug 19 T ScottA few weeks ago, we celebrated the progress made in Bible translation during the past year. A copy of each completed work was presented during the Sunday morning service (see photo on left. They included printed New Testaments, audio versions of various books of the Bible, Bible portions published on the internet and more.

We praise God for enabling this work to go on—that all Papua New Guineans might be empowered by the Word of God in their heart languages. And I thank God for reminding me what a joy and privilege it is to be juggling for Him.

(Photos by L Marsden & T Scott)


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