Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Similes in Poetry

We’ve been learning about similes and writing poetry for school during the past couple of weeks.  The kids enjoy making pictures with their words and the freedom from complete sentences and punctuation.  <smile>  Here are a few samples:



Brown like dirt

Fur like soft grass

Barking as loud as the wind

By Isaiah






Black and white like a soccer ball

Fuzzy like a blanket

Purring like a little motor

By Isaiah



‘Chime’ makes me think of jewels,

Or that I did my best.

Maybe it’s a beautiful ballet dancer,

Or a nice cool breeze.

It might be dark purple swirled with light purple--

All in this musical sound.

By Claire

I couldn’t resist joining in the fun.  The topic of my poem was inspired by the blog of a fellow missionary that I enjoy reading.


Sounds like a sweet treat for a toddler,

But a thankless task for the mother.

If it were a creature, it would be a slow moving ox.

As a day of the week—a dreary Tuesday morning.

It’s colored olive green, khaki…and pink

When the obligation becomes an expression of love.


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