Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Flew the Coop

It’s been two weeks since our coop went from this…


…to this overnight.


All 17 of our broiler chickens flew the coop, or went “wokabout” [went walking] as we politely say here in PNG.  What we really mean is that they were stolen--right from under our noses, but we’re pretty helpless to do anything about it.

And so we process….

  • The carefully backed-out screws in the door locks, and scattered chicken feathers don’t allow us to linger in denial for more than a millisecond.
  • Our Christian/missionary training won’t allow us to dwell on angry thoughts like--this is why it’s so hopeless to try to do anything here.
  • So we move on to bargaining because maybe the security guys have a lead.  And maybe the culprits’ village will forsake the cultural value of clan loyalty to help some “rich” foreigners get justice and compensation for a few missing meals.  Or maybe not…
  • …and we’re sorely tempted to sink into depressionSomeone out there is laughing at our futile attempts to keep our chickens safe.  Yeah, that idea to put the coop near a light and the road so the night guards would have a clear view of it—that worked well.  Not.  What a waste of time and money…etc., etc..

I think that’s the hardest part of it for us—feeling like we’ve been duped, and wondering if it’s worth it to get duped again.  We still don’t know.  But the cord of truth that pulls us into acceptance is knowing that God is still on his throne.  He holds the “why” in his hand, and He alone knows what the final outcome will be.  That’s OK with us because we trust Him.


Luke Holzmann said...

That is incredibly frustrating. May God, in His redemption, use this for His glory!

Lord, continue to provide. Give peace. Return joy. Meet Jon and Missy's needs. Thank You for how You provide food even in great loss. Thank You for the encouragement of Joel 2:25-26, and may You be praised because of how You work in this situation. Give wisdom for how to move forward, and pour out Your grace. Amen.


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