Friday, November 22, 2013

A Precious Treasure

Translators, Steve & Debbie McEvoy, recently returned to their home among the Migabac people of Papua New Guinea with a precious treasure. Debbie gives us a glimpse of the welcome this treasure received--

Photo 3

“October 13, 2013 wasn’t your typical Sunday in Kapawa village. On this particular Sunday morning, the Migabac people were gearing up for a mini Scripture dedication of four New Testament books -Matthew, Ephesians, Philippians, and Hebrews. For the first time ever, these New Testament books would speak directly to them in their heart language! Representatives from other Migabac villages hiked to Kapawa village to be a part of this momentous event.

What a joyous celebration followed as the Scriptures were ‘escorted’ by a group of people singing Migabac praise songs to God. Over 100 adults, plus children, gathered that day to join in the heartfelt prayers, songs, and sermons, many eagerly awaiting the chance to obtain their very own copy!

Audio recordings of these Scripture portions sold out very quickly. For many who struggle to read, Scripture audio recordings fill a huge gap. Praise God for the desire He is placing in hearts to know and love Him more.

As we looked around the church service on Sunday mornings, we praised God. People are reading and preaching from Migabac Scripture. Some Scripture books were well worn (Luke, Acts, & Galatians—dedicated in 2010). People huddled in groups so those without a book could follow along. We are thankful that God allowed us a small glimpse of the work HE is doing among the Migabac.”

Photo 5

(Photos by S&D McEvoy)


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