Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meeting Marilyn

Yesterday was a red-letter day for our family.  We finally got to meet a favorite “hero of the faith”—Marilyn Laszlo!  To learn why she is important to Jon and I, please go to our "Where We Began" blog page.

Marilyn is in Papua New Guinea to make a final visit to Hauna Village in the East Sepik province, where she spent 24 years helping to translate the Bible into Sepik Iwam.  Marilyn’s traveling companions told us of the enthusiastic reception she received in Hauna.  There was a spectacular “sing-sing” to celebrate her arrival and hundreds gathered to greet her.

We would have loved to visit Hauna ourselves and take part in the festivities, but we were grateful for the chance to meet Marilyn as she traveled home.  Our aviation team flew her to and from the village, so she spent one night here in Ukarumpa.  We stopped in the guest house where she was staying to express our appreciation for her and the part she played in our lives.  Both Jon and I have heard her speak many times, but this was the first time we had opportunity to personally thank her for sharing her story.

*A “sing-sing” is a cultural celebration that usually includes singing, dancing and colorful costumes.


Christian Simple said...

Its a nice meeting!! I missed doing such thing like this when I was in the family international Organization and I love it. Thanks for sharing!

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