Thursday, January 23, 2014

A “Yes!” Moment

It’s a chilly, wet afternoon here in PNG.  Home school assignments were finished hours ago and the weather is keeping the neighborhood kids indoors.  So what did my kids decide to do to wile away the time?  Read!  <insert a silent “Yes!” with arm pumping motion>


Claire is reading “Caboose Mystery” by Gertrude Chandler Warner, and Isaiah is reading “Flight of the Butterflies” by Roberta Edwards.  Both are reading on the Kindle Fires they got for Christmas.  These Kindles now rank in the top five products we have ever owned (in my opinion anyway).  One reason is because of this.  My kids are reading in their free time!  Claire has in fact completed over a dozen books since Christmas.  Isaiah not as many…but hey, reading is still work for him.  So it’s big stuff that he is reading for fun!

I still prefer to hold an actual book, but downloading a new book off the internet sure beats shipping one across the Pacific!  Portability is key in our lifestyle and I love being able to bring my library in my carry-on bag.  And although some gifts from family members back in the USA took 4 months to arrive by sea freight, that gift certificate we received days before Christmas has already been put to good use.  Cool! 


So now I’ll end my “plug” for the Amazon Kindle and put one in for Sonlight, our home school curriculum provider.  Although they don’t utilize electronic reading devices much, they are instrumental in this important moment.  I firmly believe, all the stories we have read aloud as a family have helped develop my kids’ interest in reading.  Sonlight’s books have taken us on adventures all over the world and introduced us to amazing personalities throughout history.  I think Claire and Isaiah are figuring out the benefits of a good book on a rainy afternoon.


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So wonderful and its so inspiring also. Thanks for sharing this.


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