Monday, April 28, 2014

A Little Bit of Paradise

Traveling around Papua New Guinea can be pretty expensive and difficult for foreigners so we don’t often get the chance to wander outside Ukarumpa.  Recently, however, we had the opportunity to visit the coastal city of Madang for a three-day holiday.  The Madang Resort offers a discount to those working in our organization so we made the most of their generosity and enjoyed some rest and relaxation on their beautiful grounds.

Madang 1



One of three pools on the grounds.  I’m pretty sure the kids grew gills while we were there.



Madang 4




Sorry, Disney…this is the REAL “Polynesian Resort”!


Madang 7





The keep some local wildlife on the grounds including this very curious hornbill.


Madang 12





We could watch the cargo ships coming in and out of the harbor right from our room.  This is the kind of ship that carried our belongings and school books to PNG.


Madang 14



The open-air restaurant just a few feet away from the ocean.  It was SO nice not to cook my own dinner!





Our holiday was especially enhanced by the dear friends that came with us.  We made some amazing memories together!


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