Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Whirlwind Trip to Ukarumpa

Day 55/56:  The hospital in Madang had all the right doctors when we needed them, but not the supplies to make a cast for Claire’s foot—especially one that would stand up to the rigors of international travel!

So after consulting with a doctor at the clinic back in Ukarumpa, we decided it would be best to take her there for a cast.  Again…God worked out all the details.  The SIL aviation department was able to divert a flight to pick us up on Tuesday afternoon and take us back to Madang on Wednesday morning.

Claire was a bit embarrassed by all the drama of having to be carried and carted…but PNG is just not shall I say…a handicap accessible country.  Crutches and wheelchairs are rare commodities here.

Once we got to the clinic, the doctor took a couple more x-rays of Claire’s foot and checked for tendon or ligament damage.  Fortunately he didn’t discovered any injuries beyond what we already knew from the x-ray in Madang. Then he made Claire a fiberglass cast.  Claire got to choose the color.  Maybe this is so we don’t loose her in all the airports we’ll be traveling through in two weeks?


The doctor gave Claire a quick lesson on using crutches.  She was pretty nervous but we reassured her she’d be flying around on them in no time.



A wonderful friend had us over for dinner that night and arranged for Claire’s friends to come visit.  Claire had been really missing them while at POC so we thank God for meeting this need as well.  Might have even made the break all worthwhile.  OK, Claire says…”No, but still nice.”  <wink>



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