Sunday, June 20, 2010

Black and Blue

19 Jun 10 (5) For weeks my calendar has alerted me to the fact that June 19 was the day Morris Orchard opened for blueberry picking.  My family and I have already consumed several quarts of the store-bought version this summer, but everyone knows they can’t compare to the “pick-your-own” variety.  <smile>

We learned last summer that if you want good berries, you’ve got to get there before the “jam-makers” sweep the bushes clean.  So armed with hats, sunscreen and bug repellent we journeyed to my favorite spot in Virginia.  Really, the drive is beautiful!  Morris Orchard sits at the base of High Peak Mountain in a perfectly pastoral valley.

19 Jun 10 (11)It was a pleasant surprise to learn that blackberries were ripe as well.  It’s so cool that they’re on thorn-less vines.  Makes it easy for the kids to help pick.

We quickly filled our quota and our cravings—although the blackberries are addicting.  Fortunately, the owners recognize that children of all ages are by default going to get purple fingers and mouths while picking.  We took our black and blue plunder home to be baked and frozen if they didn’t get eaten first.  My only regret is that we missed the day’s supply of soft peaches.  I’m telling you—you’ve got to get there when the doors open at 9:00 AM!

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