Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Acre

9 Jun 10 (3)In the 14 1/2 years that Jon and I have been married, we’ve lived in 17+ different dwellings.  That’s not counting multiple stays in a particular place or stays of less than one month.  So to be in our own home right now with our own yard is a BIG deal to us.

We’re home for a couple of weeks right now and finding excuses to work on our acre—mulch the rhododendrons, pull weeds in the driveway, plan to put in a few flowering bushes 9 Jun 10 (5)along the edge of the woods….  Practical Me thinks it’s kind of a waste to go through so much effort while the house is up for sale.  But the Rest of Me gets a whole lot of satisfaction outta seeing the stunning blooms adorning the house.  I didn’t even plant them, but they’re in OUR garden—however temporary that may be.


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