Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Kodiak

Almost a year ago, the aviation department in Papua New Guinea started using a new type of aircraft, the Kodiak, to service translation programs within the country. This airplane, specifically designed for missions work and rugged environments, is quickly proving its worth.  Eventually the PNG branch would like to utilize several Kodiaks to fly the majority of the workload. The current “workhorse”, the Cessna 206 airplane, requires Avgas, a type of fuel that is expensive and easily contaminated. In 17 May 10June, the price of Avgas went up 25%. The Kodiak, however, uses a less finicky fuel (Jet A) which actually decreased in price!

In May, I spent a week in Sandpointe, ID at the Quest Aircraft manufacturing plant getting some maintenance training on the Kodiak.  At the time, the frame of the PNG branch’s second Kodiak was still being built.

Now that airplane has left the factory and sits in the hangar at the JAARS center in Waxhaw, NC. Our family will spend the next several weeks at the JAARS center while I help to install some modifications on the airplane that willKodiak 004 suit it for its particular work in PNG. The goal is to have the airplane finished by October in time for its ferry flight.

I thank God for the opportunity to support Bible translation in PNG now by using my recent Kodiak training; even as we continue preparing to return to Papua New Guinea ourselves.


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