Sunday, August 8, 2010

“Pure Michigan”

Despite the misadventure of getting rear-ended in Gary, IN, we finally made it to Grand Rapids, MI to spend some time with Missy’s parents.  Grammy and Papa only recently moved to this Great Lakes state and we’re discovering some of its many treasures.  The Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is definitely worth a visit.  Just make sure to set aside the whole day and wear good walking shoes.

07 Aug 10 (41)07 Aug 10 (19) 





It’s a very friendly place.  We even got to hang out with Mr. and Mrs. Meijer…

07 Aug 10 (37) …and Fluffy the fire-breathing dragon.

07 Aug 10 (43)07 Aug 10 (39) 


Claire egg sat for BIG momma robin, and filled in as a human sundial.




07 Aug 10 (5)

Isaiah found his avatar… 

07 Aug 10 (13)

07 Aug 10 (46) 


…and before we left, we tried the floating salad and rock candy on a stick.


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