Friday, September 2, 2011

The Ol’ Homestead

One of the best parts of visiting New York, is spending time on the Damon family homestead.  The old 2-story farm house where Grandpa grew up is gone now. Just the grown-in remains of a basement still testify to its previous existence.  But the acres upon acres of hills and trees just beg to be explored.  Jon nurses many a fond memory of when his family used to camp out there for days on end.  Real camping—the kind where you build your own shelter, cook over an open fire, drink water from the spring and bathe in the pond.  (That is if you bother bathing at all….)

But now that Grandpa is getting up there in years <said with a big grin and the expectation of retribution>, his homemade camping shelter is getting a little more elaborate.  Plans for a 20’ x 20’ log cabin are underway, and we all got to help a little bit on its progress.  (Well, I think my only input was in the area of morale support.)  We didn’t get to see it finished, but if nothing more happens at least Grandpa will have the finest tent platform in all of Western NY.  <smile>



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