Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Real Tooth Fairy

Big things are happening to our little guy these days.  Shortly after his 6th birthday, he lost his first tooth.  Except013 in his opinion, his real first tooth was the extra adult tooth that the oral surgeon removed last year.

Below is the conversation we had at bedtime on that eventful day:

Isaiah:  Are you going to be the tooth fairy tonight?

Me:  Why do you need to know?

Isaiah:  I hope not.  I want the real tooth fairy to come.

Me:  Who is the real tooth fairy?

Isaiah:  Grammy!

After his oral surgery last year, he got to take his tooth home in a little tooth-shaped plastic container.  He set it by his bed that night.  In the morning, he discovered that the tooth had been swapped with a little toy car from my mom.  We had told him that the “Grammy tooth fairy” had given it to him.  <wink>


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