Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Road Trip, Retail & Restaurants

IMG_0374We just made our first road trip since coming back to PNG last year.  We split the rent of a 16-passenger van with another family and drove to the coastal city of Lae.  No, don’t think palm-covered beaches.  Lae is a port city and the best spot for “retail therapy.”  I do not find shopping therapeutic in the least, but I did my part to boost the local economy anyway.  Best find:  Kettle brand salt and vinegar chips—all the way from the US.  Biggest surprise:  They were still fresh!

We also discovered that Lae has at least a couple really good restaurants.  We stopped at the Lae Yacht Club for lunch on our first day down and enjoyed a good meal, a decent view of the harbor and a PLAYGROUND—almost a necessity when dining out with six kids.  <grin>


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