Thursday, August 7, 2014

A New (But Temporary) Phase

On 6 August, our family left Ukarumpa to begin a temporary assignment at the Pacific Orientation Course in Madang, PNG.  You can read more about why we’re doing this here.  Any faithful followers of our blog will have realized that this move resulted in absolute silence on this blog for over a month.  <cricket chirps>

Life has been crazy—lots of new and different things to adjust to, and the learning curve has been very steep.  Our current role is so far out of our previous training and experience, we can only rely on God’s enabling.  And as always, he has not failed us!

I hope to post photos and brief descriptions of some of the events over the past few weeks in an effort to catch up.  And maybe…(emphasis on “maybe”) I’ll find a way to keep this blog current.

Day 1 at POC: Met the other staff and participated in the first team building session.

Jon safely maneuvered the Hilux and the Hino down and up the steep mountain road to POC.  (The photo is the view of the coastline from one of the hairpin curves near the top of the mountain.)

I prepared three meals for our family, figured out how to deal with rubbish and calmly managed incessant requests for snacks and swimming by two children. We’re a long way from the nearest grocer, but discovering that I can purchase basic grocery items from the "store" next door went a long way to thwarting the temptation to panic.


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