Thursday, June 26, 2014

From the Hangar to the Kitchen?

Photo 4Recently our director reminded the members of our branch that we have to be ready to stretch into roles that we didn’t necessarily train for or expect to do in order to facilitate the branch’s long-term success. It’s a common theme in the life of a missionary—we do a lot of things we never thought we’d do for the sake of Bible translation. And beginning in August, it will mean I move from working in the hangar to working in the kitchen.

Missy and I have been asked to act as Kitchen Managers during the Pacific Orientation Course (POC) that begins in mid August.  Without kitchen managers the course would have to be cancelled. Fifteen families are scheduled to attend the August POC where they will learn about PNG culture and the Tok Pisin language. Missy and I took a short version of it back in 1999 and then our whole family participated in the course in 2012.

Please pray for us as we get ready for this assignment.  We need to move to the POC facilities around August 8, and we’ll stay there until a few days before we leave PNG on October 15.  So during the next several weeks, we’ll be packing for our return to the US at the same time.

Photo: One of our responsibilities will be teaching the students to cook and bake over an open fire.


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