Saturday, June 21, 2014

Aircraft & Airport Improvements

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On occasion, Quest Aircraft Co. (the manufacturer of the aircraft we use in PNG) sends us instructions on how to improve the Kodiaks—ensuring that they serve Bible translation to their full potential. Recently I (Jon) installed an airframe kit on one of the Kodiaks that will strengthen and extend the life of the body of the aircraft. I had to take some of the tail section apart, strengthen specific parts with sheet metal, and reinstall the tail section when finished. The job went smoothly and the aircraft is back in the air serving Bible translation in PNG!

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Our airplanes and helicopters fly hundreds of hours each year ferrying thousands of passengers around Papua New Guinea (PNG). But one thing our department has desired for a long time was an organized place to prepare flights and load passengers. Since February, I have had the privilege of overseeing the transformation of our facilities. Lots of concrete has been poured, a fuel system modified, and new flight line sheds were built to store supplies for the pilots and ground crew. Praise God, the new ramp extension is now helping our staff prepare for flights more smoothly and efficiently. The next phase of improvements involves remodeling the hangars and offices. First step: Lots of cleaning out and throwing away!

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