Friday, June 6, 2014

Sweet Success

As teacher, principal and half the school board, I get to determine when school is done for the year.  (Yes, I feel the power….)  This year our last day of school fell on 6 June.  Claire graduated from Grade 4 and Isaiah completed Grade 2.  And there was much rejoicing!


They each received a bundle of the much anticipated “You Did It” certificates to proudly display on the walls of their rooms.

Daddy took the day off to get some communication done…or so the story goes.  I’m sure the fact that we planned to celebrate with Magnum bars had nothing to do it.  Our deepest sympathies to all you North Americans who have never had opportunity to sample this decadent, frozen confection.  It’s been years since they made an appearance in our Centre’s store, but when they do, we all find reasons to celebrate!


Isaiah, however, chose the green, lime-ish flavored ice.  We’re debating whether or not to pursue counseling for him.  <wink>


Luke Holzmann said...

Congratulations! Well done.

...I think our local Costco had Magnum bars once. On sale. We purchased, like, eight boxes. And enjoyed them [smile].


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