Saturday, July 19, 2014

Making Books

DSC01357We recently had the privilege of helping support literacy among the Migabac people of PNG. Friends of ours were in the village working on the Migabac New Testament. They emailed us to ask if we could print and assemble some alphabet books and pictorial dictionaries for one of the local teachers. It was fun for our family to be able help in this small way. After the booklets were finished, we boxed them up with other supplies ready to be ferried on the helicopter when next it flew to our friends' village location.

Since we are not translators ourselves and stay mainly on the Centre, we have the opportunity to support and encourage translation teams. Sometimes we buy supplies or groceries for them while they are in the village, or provide meals during transitions to/from the village. We send them news by radio or e-mail and we definitely pray! Once in awhile "support teams" get to visit the village and help with construction projects, seminars or other activities. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement. Translators get some logistical assistance and the support teams get a clearer vision of translation process. That vision keeps us excited about Bible translation and seeing Papua New Guineans transformed by God's Word.

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Photo #3 by S&D McEvoy


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