Tuesday, October 9, 2012

“I Can See All the Way From Here!”

--quote by Isaiah upon trying on his new glasses.

The first order of business upon arriving in Cairns, was to get our eyes checked—right after a big brekkie* and a flat white from Stratford Deli.  <sigh of contentment>

I was diagnosed as glaucoma suspect a number of years ago and now that I’m reaching that magical age of 40, <gasp> it was recommended that 017an ophthalmologist check my eyes once a year.  (Actually, more often than that, but this is what we can manage right now.)  Praise God, I have no signs of the disease.

Claire had her yearly eye exam, and we were pleased to learn that she would not need new glasses this time around.  This was Isaiah’s first eye exam and as we had anticipated, he left me as the only un-spectacled one in this family.  Maybe that should be the only unspectacular one in the family, because I think he looks pretty adorable handsome!

*Australian for a breakfast of sautéed mushrooms, thick bacon, poached eggs, toast, and a grilled tomato.  May or may not include baked beans, sausage and/or hash browns.


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