Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Science Field Trip

Claire and Isaiah have been learning about different animals around the world with Sonlight’s Science B curriculum.  Would you believe that this week they were to study animals from Australasia?  I didn’t even plan that, but it’s pretty cool how it worked out.  So not only is our visit to Australia a medical trip and a vacation, it’s also a science field trip!

First we got on the Skyrail and got an awesome view of the Queensland rainforest via a gondola ride right over the canopy.  En route are two mid-stations where we explored the forest floor and learned about the plant life and creatures to be found there.


At the end of the cableway is the town of Kuranda.  A tourist town—almost an Australian Eagle River, WI for those who know what I’m talking about.  But it’s a fun place to visit with opportunities to sample all things Aussie.

Jon and Isaiah decided to visit the Australian Venom Zoo—where as Jon described it, “We saw several critters that could kill you in 30 seconds or less.”  I’m assuming that the animals they’re holding below were NOT venomous, but I’m not sure because Claire and I decided to skip the venom and taste some Aussie coffee and scones instead.


Later we re-grouped to visit the Rainforestation Nature Park.  After a visit with Jack the Ripper*, a dragon and Claire’s favorite—”kuddly” koala…


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…we rode on a duck (DUKW) through the rainforest.  Ironically, our duck is also a misplaced American from Pontiac, MI.  <wink>  Our tour guide gave an excellent lecture on much of the local flora and fauna—much of which is entirely unique to Australia.  And which one do Claire and Isaiah remember?  The Stinger which can cause a painful rash for weeks.  Good one to remember since it’s fairly common in Queensland.


We finished our field trip with an aboriginal dance demonstration and a lesson on how to throw a boomerang by a real pro.  Wouldn’t it be great if school could be like this everyday?

Next week we’re studying the animals of Antarctica….

*A 16-foot saltwater crocodile weighing 1433 pounds with a reputation of having killed 12 of his girlfriends in times gone by.


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