Friday, October 5, 2012

Rest (v.)

I tried looking up “rest” in the Encarta Dictionary for North America and I couldn’t find it.  Somehow that doesn’t surprise me, since in general we North Americans don’t seem very good at doing it.image

The thesaurus on the other hand had some helpful synonyms for the verb:

  • relax
  • take it easy
  • have a break
  • put your feet up

Yeah…we need to do that.  It’s been a crazy month of long hours in the aviation department for Jon.  The kids have not been shy about telling me that are ready for a break from school, and I feel like I’ve been so busy with the mundane aspects of life, I didn’t even have time to tell you how mundane they were.  <wink>  This planned holiday comes at a good time, because if it hadn’t been planned we would have been too busy to do it!

So the scene for the next couple of weeks will be in Cairns, Australia.  “Home” for Claire as much as any place probably is since that is where she was born.  We’ve got some doctor appointments to fulfill, a bit of shopping, and then nothing but “takin’ ‘er easy.”

Do I sound excited?  I am.


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