Sunday, March 4, 2012

Building Relationships with a Bucket Lid

057Papua New Guinean culture is very relational.  Building and maintaining relationships is of primary concern to most people, and one way to do that is through exchange.  Papua New Guineans exchange gifts of food, household items, money, work and knowledge to show that they value a relationship.  Our host family invested much time in teaching us about their way of life—even going so far as to build this little shelter just so Jon could try his hand at PNG style roofing—woven sago palm branches.


Before we arrived in the village, we were encouraged to think of something that we could teach our host family in return.  It was difficult to know what kind of knowledge they would find valuable.  They’re already experts at almost everything they need to know to live successfully in their environment.  In the end we stumbled upon an idea almost by accident.  View the clip below to see what it was.

Ultimate frisbee with a bucket lid and they loved it.


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