Friday, March 2, 2012

Taking Care of Business

So maybe the next episode of village living isn’t so riveting…mostly we just learned how to meet our basic needs.

043The first question that came to my mind when we arrived was, “Where do we go to take care of business?”  Answer:  This fancy “liklik haus” (literally—little house).  Our host had just finished building these facilities, and we counted it a blessing that it had a roof, a wooden floor, and did not smell (yet).  We also thought the coral lined pathway to the outhouse a nice touch.  (I assume it was added so we wouldn’t get lost during the middle of the night.)  But, while I’m still admiring the nicest outhouse in PNG, the kids have moved on to more pressing matters—namely their empty stomachs.

065Our host family had their own larger version of a cooking house that we used as well.  Each evening we shared a meal of tinned meat and rice that we brought with us, and fresh greens from their garden.

Notice the kitten sitting by the fire trying to get warm.  After the sun disappeared over the horizon, it must have dropped to a frigid 87F.

Cooking is usually done in the evening or in the morning before the sun comes up.  At other times of day it was much too hot to light a fire, so we snacked on fresh nuts, papaya, sugar cane and crackers with Nutella.  You know, the kind of stuff you just find growing in the jungle.


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