Thursday, March 22, 2012

Owl and the Peanut Butter Soup

Once upon a time there lived an owl.  Owl wanted a job so he went to look for a job.  He saw a store.  He went inside and asked if he could work there, but the storekeeper said, “No.”

Then he went on looking for a job.  Then he saw a barbershop.  He went inside and asked for a job, but the barber said, “No.”

So Owl kept looking.  Then up in a tree there was a restaurant.  Owl flew up in the tree and walked in the door.  He asked if he could work there, and the restaurant keeper said, “Yes.”  Owl was so happy that he could be a chef.

Then the restaurant keeper said, “All we make here is pea soup.”  Owl learned how to make pea soup, and he also had to learn how to be kind, and to serve.

Three days later, a squirrel came in and said, “May I have a peanut butter sandwich?”  Owl said, “I’ll try.”  Owl had some peanuts and hot water, and a peanut grinder, and a bowl.  Owl ground up the peanuts to make peanut butter and put it in the bowl and put in the hot imagewater.  Then he stirred it and served it kindly to the squirrel.  The squirrel loved it, and he wanted seconds.

The End

Story by Claire (age 8).  Written for a home school assignment based on the character of “Owl” from Arnold Lobel’s book “Owl At Home”.


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