Thursday, March 29, 2012

Of Rats and Cats

This little ball of fuzz recently acquired the distinction of being our family’s first pet.  She comes from a long line (OK, maybe not so long) of aviation mousers.  Her parents help keep the airport’s cargo area free of rats.

012Right now our house is plagued by some of the rodents, so we hope she lives up to the family tradition and not her name—Bilas [Bee-las].  Bilas is the pidgin word for “decoration”.

Unfortunately, the rats currently outweigh Bilas, so for now, she has to content herself with just growing up.  It’s a hard-knock life to be sure—what with all the warm milk, love, and attention she gets from the kids.  I’d say she’s adjusting well, although her penchant for Jon’s work boots might indicate a little nostalgia for the smells of her previous home.


Lisa said...

She's adorable. :-)

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