Friday, April 1, 2011

Goodbye House

We’re happy to report that the closing on our house went through today without a hitch!  As much as we loved living there, it’s a relief that it is finally sold.  We feel like we’ve just taken another huge step toward returning to Papua New Guinea, and we’re praising God for his awesome provision and for answering our prayers!

Saying “goodbye” to our house was bittersweet, but over the years we’ve learned that it’s OK to feel both sad and excited by change.  Our missionary training has taught us that we need to show our children that it’s OK to mourn loss, and to be sensitive to our children’s need to say “goodbye”.  So in the spirit of “Goodnight Moon”--

“Goodbye house, goodbye mouse.  Goodbye room, goodbye broom.  Goodbye wall, goodbye hall.  Goodbye swing…goodbye everything!”


And I’m feeling just sentimental enough to take the appearance of these crocuses just a few days before we left to mean “goodbye” in return.  <smile>


tjcjbonnell2 said...

It almost makes me want to cry....I left behind a garden full of beautiful crocuses in ER. BUT, God has more adventures in store for us when we are willing to follow His leading! Wherever it takes us!!

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