Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Literacy Class Gives Birth to a Church

(Day 4 of 15-day Prayer Challenge)

In the Ngomba area in Cameroon, the project coordinator opened an adult literacy class with about 20 people. Normally on Fridays, he would take the blackboard back to the office. But on one Friday, he left it for the learners who had requested it for their practice over the weekend. They were touched by the coordinator's willingness to trust them.

They were also moved by the fact that he would always want to start and close his classes with prayers, and teach them praise songs.  This gave him an opportunity to share about Jesus Christ and the church. He also shared about the Bible translation ministry and the difference they will witness as they hear God speak in their mother tongue about things affecting their daily lives.

Their response was immediate and they soon formed a church which quickly grew to over 200 people. Most of the people in this new church had previously either not attended church or had stopped going. The church continues to grow.


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