Thursday, April 7, 2011

Waiting for God’s Word…

Tahanuka, an elderly man from Papua New Guinea (pictured right) had been looking forward to reading the Scriptures in his own Yopno language. He was concerned that he might not live until God's book arrived with the complete New Testament and Psalms. When the Gospel of John was published several years ago, he bought a copy and read it frequently. Since he was advanced in years and looked forward to his home with Jesus, he asked translator Wes Reed to highlight Scriptures about heaven for him. Wes highlighted John 14:2 ‘I go to prepare a place for you,’ and other verses that talk about his eternal home. It was with great joy Tahanuka attended the New Testament dedication in August 2010. Tahanuka praised God for the privilege of holding the Living Word.*

The Yopno people are just one language group, but there are about 830 different languages in PNG alone. Our colleagues are currently working in 175 language programs and there are another 250-300 languages that still have translation needs. There’s still lots of work to do!

Of course, Missy and I aren’t Bible translators, but God has given us skills that support the work of Bible translation.  Click here for more on our roles in Bible translation.  But in order for us to return to PNG, we need 100% of the monthly budget that has been determined by Wycliffe to meet our cost of living. You can see from our little thermometer on right that we’ve got a bit to go.  Click here if you’d like to do something about this percentage.  <grin>

033Even Claire and Isaiah feel the urgency to return to PNG. One day they came to tell Missy "good-bye". They were leaving for PNG to teach people how to translate the Bible. Both were toting very full backpacks. Claire packed pencils and paper, and Isaiah packed his piggy bank and a gun! <smile>  We got the feeling that they’d had enough talk about going to PNG, and were taking matters into their own hands!

Please pray that God would complete our team of financial partners so we can rejoin the work in Papua New Guinea.  Click here to let us know you’re praying.  It’s a huge encouragement to know we’re backed in prayer by the family of God.

We keep Matthew 6:33 at the front of our minds. “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” (NLT) God never fails his promises, and if it is his will we will return to PNG. Nonetheless, it breaks our hearts to think there are more Papua New Guineans like Tahanuka who are waiting...waiting for God’s Word in their heart language.

*Photo and story adapted from by Karen Weaver.


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