Monday, April 25, 2011

Saving Pennies for God's Word

(Day 3 of 15-day Prayer Challenge)

"I'm sad that I won't have enough money to buy a New Testament when it's printed,” said Gerold with regret to Takashi.  Takashi and Yeako Nakamura had been living among Gerold’s people since 1989, translating God’s Word into Maiwa.


Takashi knew that there are not many cash crops in the area, and that Gerold has to pay school fees for his four children. Yet he felt the Lord prompting him to respond with a challenge, "If you start saving money now, it will be easier for you. We still have a lot of time."

Gerold considered these words and concluded, "This is good."

After that, Gerold started putting aside small amounts of money wherever he could. He has already paid for a New Testament and now is saving money to buy copies of God's book for each of his four children. Others heard what he was doing and followed his example.

Because of his initiative, more than 100 people have already paid for a copy of the Maiwa New Testament. All of them are eagerly looking ahead to 2012, the year the Maiwa translation team hopes to present the completed New Testaments to the people.*

Please pray:

  • For Takashi and his co-translators as they go through the final steps of checking the translation for accuracy, clarity, and consistency.
  • That through Bible translation, the Kingdom of God would continue to permeate the areas of the world without God’s Word.
  • That God would prepare hearts to receive the seed of his Word.
  • That God would meet our financial need to his glory and the strengthening of our faith.

*Adapted from a story by Karen Weaver at


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