Thursday, April 28, 2011

Now We Pray as a Family

(Day 6 of 15-day Prayer Challenge)

Bernardino Romero, from the town of Ccasccas, Peru, says, “In my home, we are now praying as a family, something we had never done before. My daughter, Lidia, attended the children’s Bible classes in our community and after hearing a lesson on prayer, she returned home and asked, 'Daddy, why don’t we pray in our home?' I didn’t know what to say. Lidia is constantly reminding us that we must pray in every circumstance and our family has adopted the custom of giving thanks for our food before every meal.”

In many Quechua communities, children’s ministry has been practically non-existent. Often children are left to shepherd the animals while their parents attend church.  The children in Bernardino’s community, however, meet regularly with teachers who have been trained by ATEK, the Quechua Scripture promotion organization. Spiritual values are being taught in Quechua, using lessons, materials and songs prepared by the teachers. The community is noticing the impact this program is having on their children.


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